There are plenty of different kind of teapots. We recommend these that have a built-in infusers to be able to control the time of brewing.

You can choose from porcelain, glass, ceramic, cast-iron or stainless steel.

Glass teapots are great to be able to see how the tea leaves are getting bigger and the water changes its color. They are easy to wash, also in a dishwasher.


You might also want to choose a teapot depending on the tea you want to brew.

The Japanese cast-iron teapots – Tetsubin are great for Japanese’s style green tea such as sencha or gyokuro, as they retain heat very well.

The Chinese like clay teapots – Yixing, great for oolong or black tea. These clay pots take on the flavor of the tea, so you should stick to using one for only one type of tea. You shouldn’t wash it with soap, since it will take on a soapy flavor. Just let it get stained from the tea and absorb the flavor.


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